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Grant Writing Services

Welcome to GrantLinks! Our mission is to help non profit organizations, churches, small businesses and individuals with grant writing services.  Whether you need a grant to fund new nonprofit programs, start your business or further your education, we have you covered!

Having served over 10,000 clients nationwide, we are experienced in all types of grant writing and grant funding research. Our company has built a solid reputation as a leader in the grant writing field by providing effective and quality proposals to help small businesses, non profits, churches and individuals across the country.

No matter what your program does, we can help find grant funding for it; be it a government grant, federal grant, research grant, Christian grants, grants for a building, faith based grants, outreach grant, community development grants, education grants, after school grants, grants for youth programs, grants for kids, etc.  Yes, we do them all!

Please keep in mind, while everyone is hopeful on receiving a grant, not everyone is prepared to participate in the process. We cannot produce grant miracles and we don’t make false promises!  If you organization is lacking the proper business fundamentals, you will not get a grant, regardless of who you work with! Before we start we believe it is critical to review your organizations chances and implement recommendations before you invest in grant writing.

Grant Writing Process:

  1. Analyze and position the organization to improve odds of success.
  2. Develop a well written, content rich, professional grant proposal.
  3. Quality grant research matching your organization with the right funders.
  4. Relationship building initiatives to help you stand out among competitors.

We have you covered on all these. We have invested in tools and research, coupled with an experienced grant writing team to develop high quality, low cost grants. Additionally, we can help you identify grant funding opportunities locally or nationwide. To help find the best grant funding opportunities, currently we have access to over 20,000 grant providing foundations, whose sole purpose is to give out grants.

Please visit the specific web pages below for more information regarding the type of grant you are looking for.

  • Educational Grants
  • Small Business Grants
  • Non Profit Grants
  • Church & Faith-based Grants

Interested in talking to a grant writing consultant? Contact us today for a free grant consultation. Thank you for visiting our grant website, please view the content below for more information regarding our grant writing services and benefits. We look forward to helping you with your grant proposal needs.

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